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Children are often very fussy about food. For proper development of the child it is necessary that the child gets sufficient nourishment. Remember that presentation is the first selling point for the child. Food prepared for the child should be such that it is fully balanced and the child should get to eat fruits, vegetables, cereals, milk, eggs and meat in the right quantity. This way the child will get adequate quantity of fat, proteins and fiber necessary for proper growth.

To enable the children to eat balanced food it is not only necessary that the mother should be able to cook good food, she should be innovative. She can mix different ingredients to prepare something to the liking of the child so that he eats without creating a fuss.

  • To begin the day the child should be given a shake of fruit and milk. To this some flavours and permitted colors can be added. This way the child will drink milk and will also consume much needed fruits.  To this some raisins can be added. Alternatively, custard with fresh fruit will be prepared for the child.
  • Another thing which you can prepare for your child is pancake. For this, the batter can be made with milk. To this add raisins, honey and peanut butter. This can be dressed with cream, jam or chocolate syrup. This will give full nutrition to your child.
  • Warm some maple syrup or brown sugar or jaggery and add puffed rice, sunflower seeds and some dry fruit. Cool it to make a bar akin to a granola bar which can be covered with peanut butter. To provide high fibre low fat snack, you can dry roast some parched grain like popcorn and black grams. These can be mixed with some salt to add taste. Try roasting these things in the presence of the child to interest him so that he can see them popping up and jumping in the pan.
  • You can make a dip of yogurt, honey and powder of nuts. This can be served to the children so that they can dip potato chips or fries. Similarly you can freeze some cut fruits and serve them to the child dipped in honey or flavoured yogurt.

The whole idea is that the child should get proper and necessary nutrition. Whatever the quantity the child is eating should not be judged on day to day basis but on weekly basis. The most important thing to remember is that each child has different likes and dislikes which change from time to time. You can be the best judge and decide what, and in which way, your child will eat. Remember excess of everything is bad. The child should not be over fed and excessive fat or sugar should not be given at any cost.