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toddler solid foodWhen your baby begins to grow enough to eat solid food, one must be extremely careful about a lot of factors. Make sure you ask your doctors whatever it is, that you should offer the toddler for this is a very delicate situation. Make sure you do everything required in your view and under your supervision so that you can easily avoid any major mishap from happening.

Know the right age when you should start giving your little one solid food to eat. Ask your elders or read the concerned books to confirm that your child is old enough to start eating solids. Preferably one must begin solids when the child has completed teething and is able to bite comfortably. Biting and breaking the food particles before swallowing makes a lot of difference. Until that is done, the baby won’t be able to digest the solid food. So clear up this aspect before moving ahead with chalking the right food chart for him.

Try giving him everything that is healthy and clean. Before starting make sure that your hands have been washed. Also do not leave the little one alone while giving him any solid food, from the safety point of view of choking, you wouldn’t even know. Make sure every step taken in your presence so that you could avoid any accident.

Chalk out a healthy food chart for your toddler and follow it diligently. But that doesn’t mean you should force all the items mentioned in the chart down the baby’s throat. Give him soft and palatable eatables which are not difficult to swallow and digest for him. Go slow while making him chew on it so that he is able to digest everything he eats without getting constipated.

Lentil soup, toasted bread, vegetables, buttered toast, jam, popcorn including all the fruits should be definitely given to the child. He should be given everything that is healthy and nutritious. Do not feed him on oily and spicy food for that might trouble his stomach a little. So be very careful about your baby’s eating habits. Juices and shakes which are not too cold could also be given to him so that he gets all the required nourishment.

Incase of non vegetarian food items make sure the food is easily chewable allowing the little one to nibble without any problems. Chicken soup or stew could prove to be quite beneficial. But one must realize that only the food items that can be easily digested by babies should be given and not anything else. Biting into a carrot or a radish could be perfect for their dental health too. In times of teething  it really helps to bite on the aforementioned foods as the juices they secrete give nutrition while biting into the solid portion gives relief to the paining gums and teeth.

Starting solid food for your little toddler is a very important phase. Always remember that the food habits instilled during this time stay with them forever so make them eat the right food. Do not give them any aerated beverage or fast food to tamper with their food habits. Make sure you give them all that will help them eat a balanced diet.

The earlier you inculcate sound eating habits in your children the better it will be for their over all growth and development. It is imperative for parents to make their children eat the right food so that their mental physical development is not hampered one bit.