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healthy snacks recipes kidsEating habits should be instilled way too early in children so healthy eating comes naturally to them. With the advent of the junk or fast food children are not indulging in healthy eating. They love food that’s ready to cook and tasty to eat. This is causing a huge amount of worry all over the world. As a matter of fact fast food is deficient in nutrition of any sort. Hence, living on it obviously has harmful consequences. Children grow to become obese, diabetic or even prone to acute stress, which poses a problem to the nation as a whole not just a few individuals.

Therefore pampering your children with healthy snacks isn’t a bad idea at all. The mothers play a pivotal role in this case. They need to make sure their children eat the right food at the end of the day. This will prove beneficial for their health so that they would lead a better life ahead. Some quick and healthy vegetarian snacks recipes are given here.

1. Take sprouted beans, cornflakes, boiled chick peas and finely chopped tomatoes, boiled potatoes, cucumber, onions and green chilies. Mix them together and add a bit of lemon juice, red chili powder, black pepper and powdered cumin seeds. This is a ready to eat snack that tastes good and gives a lot of nutrition to your little one.

2. Take brown bread slices, cut the edges and wet them a little. Now add boiled potatoes, boiled green peas, green pepper, carrot and cabbage. Mash together well. Make flattened balls from this and shallow fry. Dab the excess oil on a paper napkin and then serve. Kids will relish the same.

3. Take a watermelon and a few bananas and slice them. Take a toothpick and insert the watermelon slice, then banana slice and finally watermelon slice. Top it with a cherry or a berry. It looks so tempting that no child would say no to it.

4. This one is really yum. Toast slices of brown bread. Fill with banana and strawberry and brush with a little honey. A healthy and delicious snack is ready to serve.

5. This one’s a wow recipe. One of the best ways to make children eat apples is by serving them with cheese or peanut butter.

6. Try blending cubes of pineapple and cheese on a toothpick for the ultimate taste. You could even top it up with a cherry to add more taste to it.

7. Take ripe bananas, peel them and cut into one-inch pieces. Now, put them in a closed plastic bag and freeze till hard. Take out and run through blender, along with some juice. Serve as banana ice cream. You can also add other fruits and garnish with nuts.

Try inculcating good eating habits in your children so that they stay healthy wealthy and wise always !