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Many times we witness that a child is smiling, laughing or crying in his dreams. If he smiles, it is pleasant for a parent, but if he cries bitterly without any reason, it is a point of worry. Many relate it with pre- birth memories, melancholy, ADHD, bipolar disorder etc. But it is not the right way to handle this problem. Actually night terrors are the result of some stress, mental illness, lack of confidence, or ignorance. Sometimes night terrors occur due to educational stress even.

Many children feel ignored at school or while at home. With right type of handling, we can help our child overcome this problem. The first important thing is to discover a behavior pattern in your child. Some children are hypersensitive, dissociated and highly irritable. There are many signs and symptoms like resentment, trepidation, loneliness, belligerence, difficulty in learning, eating too much or too little, sleep walking etc. present in them.

A child can become dull and isolated due to night terrors. It’s because the active part of the brain is over shadowed by the overburdened and scared mind. This can turn into a very serious problem also.

As a parent it is indispensable to find out the right reason and try to remove it with every kind of help to your child. You can also discuss the problem with a physiatrist or a child specialist. If your child is witnessing night terrors due to overburden in school, help him in his studies even more. Focusing, retaining, recalling and oral communication definitely work.

It may be possible that your child is frightened from mathematics, science or any other subject like language, history etc.  Discuss about this with the concerned teacher. You should also seek help from teachers. With slight changes in curriculum and homework, you can help recover his brain.  Help him do his homework well in time.

With the language of feelings we can engage the brain of a child easily. Give him some interesting and easy tasks to make his brain busy. Play with him and spend plenty of time with your child. Recognize the internal state of his mind. Give him an affectionate environment. Communicate with him about his day routine. If your child dreads somebody’s company, try to give him company of good friends. For this you have to vigilant about his circle and his engagements.

You can also make some changes in the setting of your child’s room. Include some pictures related to pleasant scenery, cartoons, God etc. Don’t allow him to see serious natured T.V. serials, terror movies and news if your child is very sensitive. Make him feel that everyone around him loves him and that his home is a very safe place for him. Appreciate him when he does some good with a kiss, hug, smile etc. You can also tell him stories related to bravery and fun with a view to change his mind.