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For building confidence and a sense of responsibility in your child, it is very essential to assign him some household chores. It is very common for loving parents to do each and everything for their child. But they forget that in this way they are spoiling the future of their child. Children learn many things when they help parents in the household activities.

The very first thing they learn is to help others. When a child helps her mother in cleaning the home, when he helps his father in washing the car, he learns to help the elders. A child also learns the value of hard work in this way. These lessons help him grow and make his place in this competitive world.

It is also well known that to encourage your child to do chores is not an easy task. It is up to your smartness that how you persuade him to help you in doing activities. You can cook his much loved food for reward.

You can also give him some monetary incentives for helping you. A word of caution here. Too many monetary incentives can make your child greedy. He will always demand something as a reward whenever he helps you. This is a not a healthy habit to develop.  So prefer appreciation. Being a mother I always encourage my child by saying very good or by clapping and cheering him up whenever he helps me.

It is also very important for parents to have good knowledge of chores that they can assign to their child. For the 3-6 year age group two to three small chores per day will be okay. This is the learning stage and at this age the child is very tender. You can ask him to help Mama to clean the room or tell him to pick all his toys and keep them on the table.

At this stage children desire to do all things that their parents do, whether they can do them or not. Don’t snub your child ever (if he does something wrong) but encourage him and help him do whatever he can. It will boost his confidence level and kindle his desire of doing new things.

For the age group of 8-10 year old children you can increase the number of activities and you can also assign them some difficult but creative work. At this age it is very difficult to persuade your child do chores. The plain answer you can expect from your child is “ Am I your servant”.

This is the time to show your skills. Always assign some new nature of work and also tell him that how difficult is this to do for you. You should also guide him about the method of doing that task. It will work surely. Children always want to listen that they are more efficient than others.

Remember, your skillful handling makes your child a responsible citizen of the nation.

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