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Every time you enter a toy store to buy something for your little ones you are completely baffled with the prices of the same. With the rise in the costs of kid’s toys these days, it is not too easy to invest in a variety of them like before. In fact just because they are extremely heavy on the pockets parents have begun making toys at home for their little ones.

We all wish to see our babies play with nice looking and meaningful toys so that they learn to handle things with their hands gaining a lot of knowledge in the bargain. Specially, when it comes to their mental growth, which is equally important just like their physical development, toys play a vital role in every child’s life.

Resorting to making toys at home for your infants and babies is definitely not a bad idea. There are several things at home which could aid in making the same. This way he would learn to use his head and hands to learn to play with the toys for good.

How to make home made infant toys?

The various toys that could be made at home include vegetable basket full of potatoes and onions which enable the kids to learn to count at a very early age. They could scatter the vegetable around them and put them back in the basket after counting them in number one after the other.

Utensils could be used as drums while spoons could be used to play them to entertain the kids. Instead of buying expensive toys you could use your kitchen items to entertain your kids in a better respect.

Try making dolls with your spare socks. They look cute and will make your child smile for more.

You could hand over a key ring full of keys for him to play with. The noisy experience will make him laugh and also keep him occupied for long. Kids love playing with noisy stuff.

Eatables like radish or a carrot is the best way to help your child combat the pain during the process of teething. Ask them to bite into the vegetable so that they enjoy the taste of the food as well as soothe their aching gums.

Show them old picture post cards, lying at home and try teaching them new words from the same. It helps to be a good parent by involving your child in worthwhile games even at home. They learn and also realize how much their parents care.

When it comes to safety its imperative to make sure you child is getting the same in the privacy of your house. Hence help him indulge in home made safe toys so that he is also very safe at the end of the day.

There are several ways to keep your child happy at home. Its just you who needs to get a little innovative and creative for them to understand that you sure do care.