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Teething is a major developmental step in the life of a growing baby. It starts earliest in 3 months of age and before 12 months. The time varies in different babies. But the fact is that the formation starts in womb. For some babies teething is so easy that one day suddenly you see a little shining tooth in your baby’s mouth. But for others it becomes punishment. So many health problems the baby has to face swollen, red gums, rashes in lips and chins, pain and irritation in gums, diarrhea, vomiting, fever etc. Many natural and home remedies for teething babies are effective.

In both the cases, either the baby is suffering or not a little irritation is seen. If there is no physical problem nevertheless the baby cries because he/she gets scared of the changes he/she feels inside them. In this case try to distract attention of the baby. Give the baby any toy to play. Walk outside the room. Play a music or song. Thus try to focus the baby’s attention in something else. Keep the baby wrapped to provide warmth and so to give comfort to the baby.

For a quick relief a gentle massage of the gum is also a good remedy. Wash your hand properly, and then give a gentle massage on the gums with your finger. This will soothe the pain and irritation of the gums. There are tinny pills for natural teething in market, which readily dissolves in the baby’s mouth and provides relief in inflammation.

Teething rings can provide relief and also distract his/her attention. Chewing the ring soothes the irritation of gums. Different types of teething rings are in market. Choose the safest one with blunt edges and not too small that the baby can swallow it. Some rubber rings are filled with liquid to make it squeeze.

More preferable is to give the baby a properly washed, damp cloth to chew. For a much better effect cool it in refrigerator. Its cooling effect will numb the gums for some times.

Often adults use clove oil for their gums problem. Same remedy can be applied for babies too but with some precautions. Never apply pure concentrated clove oil on baby’s gum as it can cause blisters. Take few drops of quality clove oil and dilute it in almond oil or any good edible oil. Rub it gently on the gums of the baby. But take care that its much quantity can upset his/her stomach. In homeopathic there are also medicines which help in natural teething.