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All children are equally loved by the parents. It is the desire of the parents to provide all their children equal opportunities for development and studies to the extent possible. Still, despite the best efforts of the parents each child in the family acquires a different place in the house hold.

There were times when each household had lots of children and each child had to struggle to find his own place under the sun. However, with changed times, the number of children the parents want to have went down from two to one, the problems of personality faced by siblings are reducing and becoming nonexistent.

The eldest child, who is first to be born and remains the only child of the parents for years together, finds an important place in the life of parents. Being all alone with parents in the household he is pampered and loved by the parents. As long as he is alone, he commands maximum attention of parents and almost all his wishes are fulfilled. Such a child almost always develops leadership qualities and is able to dictate his desires amongst others. If the child is born in a family which is not properly managing its affairs, he may have to look after others at an early age, and will lose his childhood fast.

When the second child is born in the family the first child is bound to lose some attention of the parents as they have to look after the new arrival, which is almost a full time job for the mother during the first few months. The elder child develops jealousy and may even try to harm or start disliking the second child. It is the parents who have to explain to the first that he is loved the same and has got a playmate that will play with him and do some work for him when get older.

The position again changes with the arrival of the third one in the family. The third one being the baby of the family commands a unique position. All the members would like to play with the third one and will try to meet with all his demands. The child will find added attraction if of different sex from other two children. The parents will also fondle such child more than other two. The last child is often over protected and will be a good follower of directions as compared to the first and second one.

Remember that all of them are part of a family unit and need equal attention depending upon age.