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When a mother during pregnancy comes to know that she is carrying twins and will give birth to two children simultaneously, a number of thoughts start coming to mind and often parents start discussing the way in which they will be brought up. One of the important decisions to be taken is whether the babies should sleep together or they be separated. Separating children will involve more space and effort.

During the period of pregnancy two children are cramped together into small space and this result in development of a bond and habit of being together. Depending upon the size of the children and the age, it is better if they are put together. In case of bigger children it will be better if they are put in separate crib.

When two twin children are sleeping together they often twitch or fidget with each other and when one of them is sleeping, it causes him or her to wake up, but as they have been in the habit of living together it may be difficult to separate them, and they may not feel comfortable. This becomes a difficult situation and has to be managed slowly. According to researchers twins who sleep together during early childhood are more secure and have better development. The closeness is very vital during early life and also when grown up.

If the children share beds with parents at night, it will be better that all sleep together. However, this could be made a starting point to make them sleep separately during the daytime nap. When about six months of age, they need to be separated as one is bound to disturb the other during sleep, however having two cribs side by side may be an option. The other option can be making them sleep on both your sides. The problem of one waking the other will be solved to some extent and this way the children can be fed together saving time and energy. Once properly fed they can have sound sleep enabling the mother to rest.

Often some parents, for their own benefit or relaxation, tend to separate the twins and make them sleep separately even when they are very small. This way they forcefully break the bond developed in foetus stage. This may not be good for their growth. There is sufficient time to separate the children when grown up. This is an individual decision of parents and cannot be forced upon them.