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Nature has created day for us to work and night to take a sound sleep. If we disobey the rules of nature, we have to pay in the form of loss of health. Health is the most precious asset with which we can do many things rewardingly.

When we get a good sleep our body muscles feel relaxed and regenerate energy in abundance for us. You all know that when we are not able to sleep properly, many psychological and physical problems emerge. This is especially true for our tender children. Sleep is necessary for living beings but it is a providential thing for a child. It plays a momentous role in the growth of a child. Children grow up much when they are sleeping.

The preferred hours of sleep for an infant are 14-16 hours, for a child of the age group of 3-6, 10-12 hours sleep is essential and for the age group of 7-12, sleep of 8-10 hours is mandatory. For youngsters sleep of 7-8 hours is obligatory for good physical growth.

Our body increases when we are in the sleeping state. The scientific reason behind this fact is that when we are sleeping, our body liberates growth hormones. With these growth hormones our body sends indications to our bones and muscles to develop.

Amino acids like glutamine excite the growth hormones and we gain height and health. Sleeping time is the best time to attain height. If you want to grow fast and get good height, sleep properly. Children who are in a developing stage are greatly affected by the beneficial result of these growth hormones.

Scientists are of the view that when we are not in a lying condition, our body is under constant pressure from the gravity of the earth. Gravity of earth puts pressure on our body and spine discs and becomes an obstacle in gaining height. At the time of sleeping our body is in lying position and the effect of gravity is minimized.

We feel fresh when we get a good sleep. Our body refuses to function properly if we work late nights. It also makes grounds for chubbiness. Brain also requires good time of sleep to function properly. Children especially become irritable if they are not able to get good sleep for their own fault or for some other reason.

Parents should try to develop the habit of proper sleep in children. Enough sleep everyday is essential even for adults because in general we get more benefits and less harm when we sleep. The better sleep you have, the healthier you are and the longer you will live.

All natural ways of growing taller consist of a series of specific diet plans and exercises. None of these exercises would work without sufficient sleep. Every parent should know and respect the relation between sleep and growing taller, after all who doesn’t want their children to be tall and healthy.

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