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All parents have a desire to see that their children are well behaved as well behaved children are liked by all. If you go to meet someone and their child is a brat or unpleasant child, you will not be very comfortable being there for long and will desire to move out quickly. One of the major responsibilities of the parents is to ensure that their child is not spoiled. Spoiled child will find it difficult to adjust in school and future life.

A child learns the most from parents. To ensure that the child is well behaved it is the duty of parents to behave properly in the presence of the child. Fighting amongst themselves or calling names will leave a bad impression on the mind of the child and is bound to emulate them.

Some parents are of the opinion that they can buy the manners for the child. The thought of buying the child everything he demands to make the child behave is a wrong notion in the mind of parents. Sometimes due to a variety of reasons parents are unable to spend sufficient time with children, and they try to compensate this by meeting reasonable or unreasonable demands of children and consequently they are spoiled the children. Children often create fuss to buy something, and if the parents give in, this causes a brat.

At the age when the child starts to understand things, instead of meeting the demands of the children it is essential that the child should be taught to earn the things desired. If you are away from the child and the child is in custody of baby sitter, or in play school, teach the child to be well behaved and if there is no complaint then he will get the desired thing.

Also the child can be encouraged to do some work at home. Buying a toy demanded by child after doing some work or following instructions will discipline the child. In the alternative giving a gift in the hope of making the child to do something in the home will not help but will spoil the child.

We can conclude that the well behaved child is an asset, not only for the parents, but also for the whole family. Such a child will do well in school and also when he goes to work later in life and the parents should impart proper training and not spoil the child by meeting demands thinking of short term benefits.