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Sports are the best method of recreation. Everyone plays one or another game in his free time. Sports help us to relieve our burden and set aside our worries. Sports help us to remain fit and in shape through out life.

When we talk about the importance of sports in the life of a child, it is beyond price. Sports help a child grow in a healthy manner. They build confidence in him. Children learn teamwork as well as competition spirit when they play. Children learn to work hard to win and in this way realize the importance of winning. Children also learn to follow rules and discover how to make a good strategy for winning any competition.

Sports help children to grow fast and get strength. Sportspersons are much tougher than others. Sports create resistance power in children for fighting with germs. Sports help children in their all round development- physical, social, emotional, ethical, mental. Children gain knowledge of controlling their emotions while playing games. Sometimes their friends are on the opposite side, at this moment children learn the bitter fact that no one is a permanent enemy or friend in this life. They also learn that we shouldn’t lose our heart when we fail in achieving our goals. We should try in a much harder way the next time.

We all have played games in our childhood but when we become parent our attitude turns out to be listless towards sports. Some parents snub their children when they want to play and tell them to concentrate on studies. This turns out to be very wrong on the part of their children.

Parents should persuade their children to play sports. If your child is below the age of 7, you should try different types of games until and unless his taste develops in one or the other sport. If your child enjoys playing a particular sport it means he has interest in that particular game and can do a lot in the future. Only army or weapons do not only determine a country’s fitness, its good performance in sports also that proves a country’s robustness. If a country is good in sports and wins many medals in international events, it means that its people and children are also very strong.

Children learn the spirit of teamwork by way of sports. In developed countries there are many sports and playgrounds for children to play. If your child is good in sports, the instructor or coach of a particular school/club can give free guidance to your child as regards his future.

Today’s world is the world of competition. It is indispensable to create this spirit in a child in the beginning. Children learn to compete in a healthy manner when they find out how to shake hands with the opponents. This helps them to learn that they must struggle in good spirit to achieve the aims of their life.