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A child is the precious gift of God to every parent. It is your duty to give him an environment in which he can grow without any serious problem. It is very common for a child to receive many injuries in his routine play or when he starts walking, running etc. It is the duty of the parents to remove all obstacles from his way and give him safe toys, preferably soft toys to play.

If the floor is wet clean it immediately. Sometimes sharp edged tables and chairs are present at home. You should remove all those items that can cause injury to your child.

You should keep constant watch on your child. A child is not aware about the things around him. For him everything is a toy. He even likes to jump from the bed. It is your duty to spread a mattress on the floor around his bed so that you can protect him from injury. Children are very soft so give every thing spongy to them. Injurious things like knife, scissors, needle etc. should be strictly kept away from the reach of children.

The safety of a child becomes a big problem when both mother and father are working and no one is at home to look after the baby. Parents then start their search for a good nanny that is not easy to find. The second choice of such parents is a daycare center where they can keep their child safe. It is a very difficult decision to select the right daycare center. The cost factor also plays a role but as the safety of the child is on the priority list of the parents, cost does not matter in most of the cases.

When you are trying to find or searching for a daycare center, you have to be conscious of the needs and facilities that you want for your child. The number one thing to be kept in mind is that you should always prefer a daycare center near to your home or in the way of your working place.

Secondly, you have to be vigilant regarding the facilities provided by the center. Cleanliness and orderliness of the toys, furniture and other things are very important. Is there a child cabinet or are outlet covers available? How many attendants are there? What is the proportion of children and the attendants? Are attendants qualified?

The span of control rule suggests that a person can look after only 6-7 children in a room. You should also know something about the family background of other children. Do they belong to good families? Is a good playground available or not. All these questions are vital to the safety and well being of your child at the daycare center.

You can even search the Internet about good daycare centers and participate in good public forums with a view to make your child safe and sound at every juncture of life.