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The bond between mother and child is natural and strongest. It is the mother who carries the child in her body for nine months or so, suffers from all problems of pregnancy, bears the pain of labour at the time of birth of the child, thereafter takes care of the child sacrificing her comfort. She has to be awake when the child gets up, feed the child at regular intervals and take care of all her needs. After all this and much more bonding between the mother and her child is natural.

The father also does a lot for the children. He earns money much needed for happy and comfortable living. He does all the outside work, buys and brings necessities for home and kitchen during the confinement of the mother and also when the child is very young, but the help rendered by him is considered secondary. This also results in establishment of lesser binding relationship between the father and child.

To come close to the child it is necessary that the father tries to spend as much time with the child as possible, and do her work along with the mother. To increase affection it is essential that the child should be placed in the lap of the father also after birth and before she is taken to the nursery. When the mother and child are in the hospital, he should try spending time there, looking after even the smallest needs of the child.

Though the child is on breast feed, the father can take the duty to look after the needs of both mother and child. He can change her diapers and clothes. He can take the responsibility of giving bath to the child. For this he can take the assistance of the nurse and learn the trick as the mother does, even when she bears a child for the first time. When the child grows up he can make feed for her.

When back home from work, father should sit down with the child to talk to her. Though the baby may not have come to the age where he/she can understand but he/she can realise that he/she is talking to her father. He can tell her a story or sing a song or play a game to make her happy and laugh. As the child grows both can go out for a walk and play some ball game together in a park.

When the child starts going to school, he can drop her there while going to his office. It is essential that he takes interest in her studies. He can teach her some lesson during spare time and also go for parent teacher meet along with mother and child. Taking the family for an outing or for treat helps a lot in family bonding. A closely knitted family is a happy family.