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The modern world has changed quite a lot. So much so that we even do not have much time to spend with our families. With the abolition of the traditional joint families, today we see more of nuclear families where working parents, in the need of turning their wards practical and self sufficient, often leave them all alone.

Mothers, especially have to be alert about their children’s needs and requirements. It is a good approach to make your children practical but mothers, whether they are single mothers or someone who cannot afford to be a home maker, must follow a few things to bond well with their sons and daughters.

Just like your career, your children deserve your love, affection and care. You may become successful in your professional life but to be a good mother, you have to strive for achieving qualities of good mother. Here are some of the ideas of how to be a better mom, just follow them and see how your children idolize you for everything:

  • Teach your children how to respect and love everyone around them. Married mothers can show this through their sincere love and respect towards their husband which prepares the children to show equal affection towards their mate in future.
  • Spend as much quality time as possible with your children. Make them feel that they are important to you and take active participation in all their activities. This will help mothers to get attached with their children and know them well.
  • Always strive to be a role model for your children, put in values in them that would help them in their lives to achieve whatever they want. Be someone whom they will honor, appreciate and look up to.
  • Ideal parenting is something that provides a child with moral support as well as ethical instructions and guidance from their parents. Mother is the best one to do this, by teaching her child to figure things in a positive way, not letting them alone otherwise the results could become havoc.
  • Being a mother, you have to listen to your child and that too with a caring attitude. Effectively listen to their problems and help them to get beneficial solutions, keeping them away from negative situations.
  • Always encourage and motivate your children to do better in life. Appreciate their accomplishments and never say anything negative in front of them.
  • Mother is the best teacher who can shape their children’s character right from home. Teach your children manners and courtesy, so that they could emerge as winners in future.

Although there are millions of ideas how to be a better mom and what makes a good mother, but it cannot be explained in just one go. No other institution can match the teachings of a mother and that is how the entire thing goes.