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Babies are born with the ability to cry. Babies cry generally to tell us that something is wrong like hunger, wet bottom, cold or hot, tired etc. Sometimes the baby has met all his or her needs, yet continues to cry. Though all newborn cry. When a child who is otherwise healthy cries for 3-4 hours per day, it is a condition known as colic, which is perfectly normal and eventually goes away on its own generally after 3 or 4 months of age.

To calm a colicky baby, don’t despair, only few facts about colic should be known to you. Colicky babies suck well and have a good appetite. They are otherwise healthy and growing well. Colicky baby likes to be cuddled and handled. If the baby seems uncomfortable when handled or is difficult to console, cry sounds odd, crying is associated with poor feeding, unusual breathing, talk to the doctor as these symptoms are not like colic.

Spiting milk from time to time happens in colicky baby. Stool in colicky baby is normal. But if the baby is vomiting or if it is diarrhea or dysentery, consult the doctor immediately.

Colic is one of the commonest problem during first few months of a baby. Scientists and medical experts still have no idea what causes colic. All they know is that it’s pain in the abdomen and stomach. Many consider it genetic, some consider it as allergy that baby gets from milk, either breast milk or bottle milk. Baby swallows air when drinks milk too rapidly, which can cause pain in the stomach after feeding.

Treating or curing colic is not possible, since there is no specific reason of colic is known. Few effective things the parents can try to soothe the colicky baby can be listed as below:

  • Try to soothe baby, some are comforted by motion-being walked back and forth in the room, or swing holding in arms.
  • Going outside the room or if possible go on drive.
  • Sometimes baby responds to sound, any kind of soft music or soft sound, mild singing can stop the baby’s crying and even the baby can sleep too.
  • Wrapping  and swaddling will provide colicky baby relief.
  • Don’t overfeed the baby.
  • Examine along with your pediatrician if your baby is allergic to some food that he or she is taking in. Allergens are generally passed from mother to the child by breast milk. So, moms are advised to take restricted food, and to avoid gas producing items in her meal.

Reasons of prolonged crying may be something other than colic. There may be some general reasons like, the baby may be ill. There may eye irritation or pain in ear. Sometimes there may be pain due to other object like pin in the cloth or diaper, yarn or hair wrapped around the baby’s digit, uncomfortable clothing, etc. Watch everything carefully while baby cry abnormally.