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We are all individuals and each one is unique. So some children may be more sensitive than the others. It’s good to accept it than to crib about it.

It’s not very easy handling these sensitive children. Here a few ideas on how to handle them.

Children may not directly show their emotions to the happenings but may pick up a fight with someone outside to vent out their feelings. The parents should respect their children’s feelings and discuss their problem at home and rectify it.

Children as old as 7 years don’t know to hide their feelings and easily get upset when they are picked by their friends. The parents must duly address it and try to talk to other parents and stop them from targeting their children.

It’s a good idea to talk to the children and let them know that those who are weak and want to prove themselves to be powerful try to pick on others. They should be advised to move away from such folks and play with the gentle ones who are much more sensible and don’t derive cheap pleasure by troubling others.

Its takes great guts to actually show the emotions in open. To survive in this world, it’s not really advisable to be so open with the feelings. Although it may be difficult for the kids but they should be taught not shed tears at petty things and look at a bigger picture.

Above all, environment at the family all make a lot of different. If the one of the family member tries to pick on the other, then the child becomes very sensitive. So it’s important to have a healthy family relationship for the child to grow up mentally and physically healthy.