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Children are normally afraid of certain things. Is your child afraid of animals, like dogs? Is he afraid of certain loud noises, like that of crackers? Don’t be worried at all. This is his defense mechanism. It is his own way to guard himself. As they grow in age, they will on their own learn to overcome such and other many kinds of fears. But, while your child is still small, he needs your guidance and support in overcoming these fears. Let’s discuss about it.

Fear goes away only gradually

If you think that you will talk to your child, he will full grasp your wise words and stop fearing the thing he is afraid of, you are totally in the wrong. You have to repeatedly keep on telling him why not to be afraid. If, for example, he is afraid of dogs, you can get a puppy for him. If that is not possible, you can have a toy dog for your baby. You can also visit your neighbor or friend’s house and try to make your child see and touch their well-behaved and harmless dog.

Don’t lie to your child

Most parents tend to control the fear of their children by telling them that their fear is not real. This is not at all the proper method because it confuses the child. He can’t understand why his fear is not real when he feels it all the time. Rather talk to your child in detail and again and again as to what he feels? What are the things that he is afraid of? Why is he afraid of these things? Etc. This way our child will be better equipped to face reality. If you feel that your child is not able to overcome his fear and that the fear will cause no harm, you just accept that fear. Tell your child in very polite words that the fear exists and he himself will overcome it gradually.

Get the help of books

Books that are full of pictures can help our child a lot in overcoming his fears. Make it sure you read the book to him as you show him the pictures. Explain about the pictures in detail. Similarly, if he is afraid of some thief getting into the house at night, you get those books that deal with such situations. You can also show to him that you have adequately protected the house by showing him all the locks, the burglar alarms, the fence around the house and the like. Make him understand that most of the TV shows deal with extreme case and the element of fiction is more prominent in them. Your child will try to appreciate your words if you maintain a very soft and personal tone.

Child should have faith in himself

Your child must be taught how to say no, how not to talk to strangers even if they give him something very attractive or very tasty to eat. Your child should have confidence in himself as well in you. This way his fear will subside easily.

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