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Causes and Effects of Teenage RebellionThe moment the child is born, the process of his development starts. You will observe development in both mind and body. The child grows up in size and shape and side by side the brain starts to develop and the child starts to learn a few things from parents or those looking after him. Though still very young, may be at the age of two and unable to understand much, he tries to have his way. He may not be happy to do what you want to do and may sometimes react to you by crying out loud or trying to crawl away from you. This could be considered a beginning of revolution in the mind of a kid.

Teenage rebellion causes, psychology and effects

As the child grows and move toward adulthood, the level of understanding increases and he starts to take independent decisions. This is basically the reason for rebellion in teen age. The child wants to decide something on his or her own and you may want to impose your feelings on him. This is a natural process and to some extent also necessary for healthy transformation of the child into an adult. In case of oppression and suppression of feelings, the child may lose his sense of identity. Also, due to inability of the child to firmly decide on something like selection of vocation or professional line, the result may be rebellion.

The other type of rebellion in case of teens called faulted teenage could be due to improper parenting or improper guidance received from society. The phenomenon of the society or parents, when they consider themselves superior and suppress the feelings of the teenager, results in rebellion as the child is not ready to sacrifice what he considers as his rights. In case of improper relationship amongst the parents, the teens rebel against the society in which they live.

The rebellion of the teen age may or may not result in violation of rules and regulations. Some teenaged children may tend to be attracted towards illegal activities like drugs, alcohol, vandalism and other antisocial activities like ill feeling towards the opposite sex, while other teens may rebel against established social norms being unacceptable to them. They may like to dress up in a different manner or do things not generally seen in society.

How to deal with teenage rebellion ?

The parents should understand that rebellion is a part of the growth process of the child and should be ready to accept it as a part of life. While dealing with the teenaged child, the following may be kept in mind:

  • Be consistent in your dealing with the child. Inconsistent discipline makes the child test the limits to see how far he can go. Discipline and rules at home ensure that the child knows what he can do and to what extent he will be permitted.
  • Within the limits set by the parents, ensure that the child is made to be part of the decision making process. While discussing matters with the child ensure to be certain about the limits of flexibility in your dealing with the child.
  • Allow exception to the rules on certain occasions. In case of violation of rules, if the child accepts the fault and apologises, be ready to forget and forgive even if his behaviour has hurt you. You should be a safe landing place for your grown up child in case of trouble outside.
  • Try to spend as much time as possible with teen aged kids. Decide fun activities that can be done together on holidays. Go to a picnic and enjoy sports. Involve them in preparation of the events. When out together, try to ignore some misdeeds. When back home do not start to narrate what wrong he did. Recollect happy moments.
  • Practice what you preach. If you expect your child to be up and ready by a particular time and till that time you are in bed, there are all the chances of disobedience and rebellion if you insist on it. You should become a role model for the child.
  • Indulge in free and fair discussions on any subject with the teenager.

By practicing these, it is possible that the tendency in your child to rebel will reduce and he will discuss the problems with a confidence that they will be sorted out.