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It is obviously quite grieving to leave the hospital without your own little one after waiting for him all nine months. When you plan so much before having a baby and finally get to know that he isn’t going to join you at all, life seems black and glum.

Crying and sometimes even getting hysterical is common and normal. This is one of the best ways to express your pain and agony so as to help you get better and lighter ahead.

You might wish to sit in dark and spend time looking back at your pregnancy days when you were busy planning your baby’s life ahead oblivious to the fact that he would be gone the moment he’d arrive. But crying, getting depressed or even getting hysterical is normal. You are not over reacting, but being yourself at the end of the day. So be it.

Keep meeting people including your relatives and try to be strong to accept the fact. Shedding tears before your loved ones always helps lessen your trouble. Staying away from everyone in dingy corners isn’t a very wise thing to do and make sure you share your emotional self with them. Being with all always helps. It wont make you feel lonesome but give you the strength to face the world ahead in due course of time.

Remembering your baby’s heart beats and kicks will never be a good experience but that is what you should learn to live with. Be positive and accept the fact that he who was always meant to be next to you isn’t around at all. Acceptance is the best way to move on in life. The day you understand that such is life, all will get well within no time.

Empathize not sympathize for that helps too. Don’t sit and cry alone over whatever happened but stand up for yourself and see the difference that it makes

Clear up your baby’s toy room that you and your husband had once set up so that memories don’t play with your emotions ever.

Have faith that life isn’t a bed of roses always and that its not even a bed of thorns forever. Its just a phase that needs to be dealt with nicely so that your tomorrow doesn’t suffer at all. Be positive and watch good movies or read nice books that will help you heal normally and naturally.

Don’t forget the fact that if it was a loss for you as a mother, it was also a tormenting factor in your husband’s life. Support him just like he supports you and never fall apart for this isn’t the end of the world. It is just the beginning of your life as a learning experience. So be bold and face the consequences so that you are stronger for a better tomorrow.