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A nanny is like a mother to your child in your absence. Nanny plays a very important role in the emotional upbringing of your baby. In earlier times, employing a nanny was a status symbol. Only royal families employed nannies for their children. But in today’s busy life, nanny turns out to be a requirement for working parents who belong to the middle class. This culture is developing very fast in metro cities where both mother and father are in job and no one is at home to look after the baby.

Nannies save many of your hours that you can spend on your work. Nanny looks after the daily routine of your baby as she cooks food for your baby, teaches many skills to baby, engages the child in productive activities etc. Even if the child is suffering from fever, cold or some type of pain, a nanny gives personalized care to child.

It is very important to decide on the right person even on expensive terms. The best way is to appoint a nanny with the help of some agency providing nannies. You should also take interview of a nanny before appointing her for your dear child.

It is also important for you to decide the working hours, remuneration and know about qualification of a nanny or babysitter. You should also draw round the area of work you require to be done by a nanny. Decide as to what nature of time you need nanny – full time or part time. You should also decide the nature of pay – hourly, weekly or monthly.

Choosing a nanny is a very crucial matter as it is related to the growth and well being of your child. Only a good, educated and affectionate nanny can help your child learn good habits. When you appoint a nanny, it is pertinent to check her activities by giving sudden visits at home to ensure that she is taking good care of your baby and your child is happy with her. Employing a nanny means you need peace of mind and ease. So, make it certain that your child is in protected and in warm and skillful hands.

Children wish for individual attention all times, as they want emotional security. Working parents can provide all time attention to their children only with the help of a good and caring nanny. A good nanny makes home a secure and comfortable place for a child.

It is the nanny who takes care that child is not doing something that is harmful. She with her abilities can mould child to some constructive activities and bring out child’s concealed talent, especially when you are able to devote very less time to your child.

It is also the moral duty of a nanny to unvaryingly watch the behavior of the child and inform the parents if she observes something problematic in the child’s behavior.