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A healthy child is an asset not only for his whole family but also for the society at large. For your child to be healthy it is necessary that, in addition to good healthy food, he should have sufficient exercise necessary for building up of muscles and bones. As a parent you should continuously explain to the child the necessity of exercise.

During these times, when television has entered every household and children are fond of playing video games, consuming lot of time, also each child has a computer to which he remains glued surfing the net or chatting with friends, obesity has become a cause of concern. Liking for fast food having lot of starch, carbohydrates and sugar add to the problem. As per a survey, majority of children suffering from problem of overweight are more prone to having high blood pressure and sugar problem.

At the young age, when the children are in primary school, mostly they have physical education and games classes. During this period they get sufficient exercise. However, as the child moves up in school the time devoted to physical education continuously decreases. It becomes the duty of the parents to ensure that the child gets the necessary exercise on a daily basis.

Dancing gives a lot of exercise to the child of every age, and often children enjoy dancing, or learning how to dance. When you have to buy some video for the child, you can buy him some video teaching dance and encourage him to dance with the video. If need be you can also give company to the child.

Taking the child to some park to play a ball game with other children of his age will help give much needed exercise to the child. When the children of the same age play amongst themselves, they run around a lot and get necessary exercise. Cycling is a very good exercise. Buy your child a cycle for a joy ride in the evening, and if possible encourage your child to go to school or to market cycling.

If some sports club is around get your child admitted to such a club. Here he will get the opportunity to play different games. In the beginning quite often he will shift from one game to the other, let him decide the final game he wants to be associated with. Once he decides, buy your child items necessary to play the game as this will give encouragement.

Good exercise associated with proper learning and healthy food will make your child grow up into a disciplined adult and you will be proud of him always.