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It’s a wonderful experience to be a parent of a new born. But it’s equally challenging for the parents to manage the infants especially setting up the routine. One of the daunting tasks for the parents is to get the little one to sleep in the crib. It’s important to train the infants within a few weeks from birth to sleep on their as it would otherwise become difficult to do so.  Here are a few tips that could be adopted for this task.

The first few weeks the parents have to observe the child and its mannerisms. They have to check if the child needs parental help to sleep, number of hours the baby can sleep at a strech, the general pattern of sleeping, and any special sleeping habits followed like sucking thumb etc.  Once this is known it’s easy to set up the routine. Initially, the parents may have to spend a lot of time putting the baby to sleep in the crib as the baby may not be used to it.

Before putting the baby in the crib, the parents must ensure the crib is made cozy and comfortable for the baby to sleep without disturbance. Since setting up routine of sleeping in the crib may be a stressful task, the parents must get mentally and physically prepared for it by getting as much sleep and rest possible in the day so that they wound not feel tired at night. The sleep time must be fixed and the preparations must start a little in advance. Parents could read a story to the child, then sing a lullaby, rock and place the child in the crib. The child may not have slept but certainly drowsy.

Soothing would help get the baby to sleep. During the whole process no time anything should be done to stimulate the little one.

Once the baby is put in the crib, either of these could happen:

Baby would sleep: If soothing would help the baby to sleep then it would be necessary but stop once the baby has slept. If soothing is not necessary, then the baby should be just let sleep on its own. It’s a good idea to wait by the crib untill the baby has fully slept as at times they may wake up. While going into deep sleep at times babies make a few gestures, it not necessary to soothe them during this point.

Baby would cry: Some babies start howling when placed in the crib. Although the parents heart would go allout to pick them up and cajole them, but they shouldn’t do it. The child should be crib and the parents should try to soothe and give reassurance that they are always there. The baby may wake up frequently to check if the parents are around, he may cry too. Every time the parents must reassure the child and kept the little on in the crib.