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Church is a place where the faithful get peace of mind. Going to a church and listening to the sermons is a great experience. If your toddler goes to the church and behaves in a proper manner it will be nice, being exposed to God and religion right from the beginning. When he grows up, he may come up as a religious and God fearing person. However generally it is difficult for the parents to ensure that their toddlers will behave properly throughout the service. They are left with no option other than leaving the child home with some relatives.

There is no fun in taking the child to the church where he behaves in an unruly manner disturbing the whole service and other people who have gone there to learn something or in search of peace. When you decide to take your child to church it will be better if you follow some of the below listed suggestions.

  • Try to occupy a seat near the door. If the toddler does not come to terms and continues to misbehave you will be able to take him out. Otherwise he will disturb other people.
  • Ensure that at the place you decide to sit, there are no other toddlers nearby. If the child is not interested and finds another child of his age, both are likely to team up to create disturbance.
  • When at home, teach the child regularly about religion, God and church. Teach him some hymns and let him sing often. This way when the child goes to the church he will want to sing the hymns and will not feel left out.
  • If the child has developed interest in religion at home, try to occupy a place from where the child can see the rituals being performed in the church. This way he will find it interesting sitting there.
  • Take something for the child to eat and a sipper or bottle full of some drink liked by the child. If otherwise not interested he will continue to occupy himself enjoying drink and a snack.
  • Make visiting the church a regular practice. If not possible on daily or on alternate days, visit every Sunday. This way the toddler will understand that he has to go to the church and look and listen to the service.
  • Some churches have arrangement for games or recreation for kids of different ages. If some such arrangement is available after the service take the child to that place. Tell him that if he behaves properly he will again get an opportunity to play, or on the way back home he can be rewarded with a small gift for good behaviour.