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children kids shynessShyness in children is one of the common problems which can be dealt with a blend of patience and intelligence. A child could be shy for many reasons, including a strict atmosphere at home, an aggressive parent or also because one of his parents is the same. The first thing to remember is that if your child is inhibited, introverted or shy it doesn’t mean he has a bad future ahead. It only means you have to help him open up to the world outside and understand that shying isn’t helping him succeed. It’s rather pushing him in a cocoon or a shell disguising his potential completely.

Find out if your child is an introvert. Be a friend to your children whatever their age is and keep track of the every day happenings of their life. This way you would easily identify their problems and work on them as soon as they have been recognized.

Boost his morale every now and then. Offer lots of positive attention and reinforcement when your child tries his hands at new things and encourage his strengths and interests. Make sure you build his morale by praising every little thing he does so that he gets back his confidence within no time at all.

Refrain from being aggressive unnecessarily. It helps to respect your children even when they go wrong for sometimes your anguish might just have a negative impact on your children making them submissive and subdued without your knowing. Keep calm irrespective of the situation and handle every problem with a cool mind. It always helps to be a mature parent.

Start by being an extrovert yourself. It helps to pave way for your kids in a lot of good things they do. Hence if you feel your children are shy because of you, try fighting the case by becoming an outgoing person yourself. Once they see their parents facing a crowd without a streak of tension, you will see them change sooner.

Encourage them to socialize often. Try throwing parties or taking your kids out to help them socialize and come out of their shyness. Mingling with people outside never fails to make introverts confident. This way they’d know their pluses thus making them stronger with time.

Prepare your child in advance for new activities and events. If he will be going to a birthday party next week, begin talking about it early and talk about who will be there, what the theme of the party will be, what activities he might do, etc. This way he will be sure of what the event would be like making him confident and smart. Shyness isn’t an illness. It’s just a state of mind. So if handled well, every child will be an outgoing one sooner.