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Age of toddler beginning to walking

The moment the child begins to stand up on its feet, the parents start visualising their children walking. Some even try to get them to walk. In spite of all this the child usually walks only when its ready for it. Usually most children begin to stand up around 8-9 months and by about 14-16 months they start walking steadily. In the time in between they try to move with support and also explore new things. This is a crucial phase of child’s life as they learn a lot of other things like exploring the world, trying to speak, and eating.

How can parents help baby

The basic instinct of parents is to encourage the child to walk and help them take their first few steps when they begin to wobble around holding on to furniture. It’s very good to do this but if the child doesn’t respond then the parents should not force them to walk. The child will walk when he/she is ready for it. Forcing may lead to malformation of bones and cause bowed legs. The child needs the stamina in its legs to bear the body weight to walk without support.

Children fall down many times when they begin to walk. Gradually, they would learn the trick and get the balance. The best thing that the parents can do at such times is to give them a helping hand or something to guide along. But fact that must be kept in mind is not to force them walk. If the child is not in the mood, it won’t walk.

Be patient, never force the kid to walk

Kids tend to walk bowlegged at first. The parents should not force the child to hold its legs together or expect it to walk completely like adults. They’ll learn that with time. They need to be able to walk on their own, regardless of style. If the parents let the child learn to walk at its own pace, the child will definitely walk properly sooner or later. Each child is different and some do it faster than the other. So parents should wait patiently and give them the time.