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Kids with sensory and organizational issues experience difficulty in organizing things in a normal way. This is also known as Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). They find it difficult to give shape to their feelings, make use of their time, and control their behavior. These children are very tricky to handle. The sensory or organizational problems may be related to brain, hearing, seeing, speech etc. As a parent you have to do very hard efforts to help your child so that he can lead a normal life like other children.

To deal with a child suffering from SPD, you have to develop saintly patience in yourself. If you are teaching him, always suggest him to check his homework twice, before submitting it to the teacher. It is also a workable trick to always put multiple-choice answer questions to such a child. It will help him find the right answer.

You should also create a quiet and unperturbed environment in the room where the child is performing his task or doing his homework. You should remove all the things that can divert his atention. You should highlight the questions, signs, and symbols to help him in doing his homework peacefully. You should keep an eraser, pen, pencils, scale, colors, sharpener and everything ready at hand, that he may require for his homework. You should also give him extra papers for rough work.

If the child has problem with handwriting or has a visual processing issue, you can provide him keyboard to compose his thoughts in the form of essay or poetry. This will enhance his confidence and he will unquestionably enjoy this way of doing work. This also makes his work trouble-free. Many kids who suffer from this problem need extra writing papers. Keyboard helps them do all to work in an appropriate way.

If the child is suffering from visual processing issues only, you can advise him to use his finger while he is reading. You can arrange large-typed books for him to read. You can also provide graph papers, straight lines if he is doing math’s homework.

Don’t over burden such a child. Too much clamor, noise and disturbance can make him agitated. You should avoid bringing him to a noisy place where many people have gathered round. You should also advise him to watch T.V. for a limited time because long period of watching T.V. can overexcite such a child. Prefer that a good and calm music C.D is played one hour before the child has to sleep.

The most important thing is to always keep in mind that such a child is not a normal child. He needs much attention, love and care from you. Helping your child triumph over his weaknesses is not science – it’s worship. Medicines do play their role. But you as mother and father have to play the major part in his recovery.