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It is an undeniable fact that we all have some anxieties and some or the other kind of suspicions. The problem of anxiety is witnessed in many children too. Actually children are soft at heart. They take everything seriously. Many times parents use erroneous sentences to forbid their child from doing something and this also proves harmful for him.

The intention of parents is correct but the method they follow has some serious repercussions. Sometimes we use the sentences that if you don’t obey your parents, God will punish you or if you speak lies, God will penalize you, etc. These sentences make him anxious. Sometimes children are very possessive about things and don’t want to lose them, this also raises their fear factor.

Many children fear darkness, ghosts, aliens, dogs etc. Guide your child about all these things. Tell them that there is no ghost in his room or anywhere in the world. Tell him lovingly “God is with you everywhere to protect you”. You should strictly forbid your child from watching T.V. serials, which tend to terrorize your child’s soft mind.

The best method to overcome anxiety in a child is to exchange a few encouraging words with him frequently. Your child can easily overcome it if you listen to him patiently. Permit him to say whatever your child wants to articulate. Give some freedom to him to do things by his own.

It is only parents that can help their child boost his confidence and skillfulness and assist him surmount his apprehensions and anxiety in a very natural way. Provide your child a friendly atmosphere inside and outside the home. If your child does not like dogs, don’t force him to go to that street where dogs are there. You can bring a puppy at home and this would help your child to overcome his fear of dogs.

The most common anxiety of children is school and homework. Here parents are much worried and find them in perplexity as to what to do or what not to do. You can’t stop your child from going to school. As a parent you must find out the reason why your child is terrified from school. Is his teacher not friendly with him and abuses him, or are there some students in the school who frighten your child. May be your child is averse to going to school because he has some soreness with his friends. You have to check all these causes and try to find accurate solutions.

If your child has some problem because of some other student, you can complain to the authorities but avoid this step in the early stages. Your duty as a parent is to inculcate confidence in your child. Motivate him to overcome his fear by his own. You should remember that you can’t be with him every time. In this competitive world your child has to survive by his own. So, make him like that only.