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It is the desire of all parents to see that their children are fully hale and hearty and suffer from no disorder. They want the child to grow up into a good citizen and prosper in life but when the parents come to know that their child is suffering from learning disability, they often feel distressed and find it difficult to cope with the situation. This is the time at which the parents should gather maximum courage and decide to fully support the child to enable him or her to come out of the problem of learning disability.

Various ways have been suggested by experts to enable the children to overcome this problem. However, the parents who are the first to help the child should keep in mind the following:

  • First of all, parents should try to ascertain the type of disability the child is suffering from. Once sure, they should study in detail about the disability so that they are able to help the child in the best possible manner and if needed, are in a position to answer the queries if raised by the child.
  • Go to the school of the child and discuss about the problem of the child with the teacher. Ascertain if the school has some special learning program for such children.
  • If available nearby, they should join some group of parents of LD children to have first hand discussion about the problems faced by others and steps taken by them to overcome the situation. If no group is available they should join some e-group or blog on the net.
  • It is not that the child suffering from LD is not good at anything. Often these children are good in some field and perform better than others. The parents should try to find the area in which their child has interest and should provide him the facility to practice that area. If the child is good in a particular game make arrangement to enable him to play.
  • Devote time with the child to enable him to finish his home work. With your assistance the child will be able to overcome the difficulties faced by him in home work. Also when he will go to school with complete work he will feel encouraged and will put in more efforts subsequently.
  • Encourage your child to help you in kitchen or laying the table or cleaning the furniture. This will generate sense of belonging in the child.
  • Follow reward program. The moment the child does something, reward him for the good deed, this will encourage the child.
  • Never make fun of the child if he is unable to understand something. In that event explain to the child about that which he finds difficult.
  • Be persuasive and never lose temper, repeating a thing time and again will be helpful to the child to learn routine.