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Friends help in the personality development of a child. Good friends can be an asset for the child and he/she can learn a lot from good friends as well. It is essential for the parents to help the children develop friendship with children of their age and liking, as a childhood friend is an asset for life. This way parents will encourage their child not only to be more social, but will also help the child to be well mannered and behaved. The children who are friendly are bound to be more social and well behaved.

For selection of friends and establishment of bond of friendship, the parents especially the mother, can play an important role. Children very well understand the way they are welcomed by parents at home. If well received, they will love to visit the friend. Some element of hospitality will encourage the children to visit again. If the children visit after school and play in the courtyard, offering some snacks will be good. This way there will not only develop a sense of security, this will also induce sense of belongingness in their mind for your child.

In case of older children some indoor games along with something to eat and drink will be great. Similarly the children can be encouraged to have a get together on holidays to enjoy fun and food. Depending upon the age of friends, nature of games and food stuff should be selected.

While playing at your place ensure that the children do not always run around and create nuisance for the other inhabitants, maintaining discipline should be an essence. There should be rules for the playing time. The playing time should be restricted and after play children should be encouraged to jointly clean up the place and place back all the things or playing objects. Then there should be some study time together. Children will do well when studying together, they can be encouraged to share hobbies and narrate experiences of visit to some other places or museum or zoo with parents.

When the children visit you, you will be able to judge the nature and type of friends in a circle and if someone is not to your liking, you can convince your child to beware of him or her. Further you can keep a tab on the activities. When grown up children visit your home they can be encouraged to do some different type of activities to prepare them for future life. The grown up can be allowed to cook together or do something else to develop some good helpful habits.