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Adolescence is a very significant facet in the life of every human being. In this age a child tends to feel much anxiety and melancholy. Adolescents like being in the company of adults but adults treat him as kids. Parents sometime scold them that they are not children and sometimes just ignore them for being kids. In this age children want to become an active part of the important family decisions but parents due to insecurity and lack of faith don’t want to give them this authority. Parents do witness physical changes but I am sorry to say that parents are not well aware about the psychological changes of adolescents.

Parents don’t have knowledge of the proper way of handling growing children. In this age every child loves freedom and adventure. They want to experiment. Sometimes this desire to scrutinize everything misguides them. Adolescents often become easy targets of illegal elements. Adolescents easily become prone to drugs, alcohol, teenage sex etc. Parents with their tactfulness can show the right path to their teen age kids. Be sympathetic with your child. Talk to him whenever he wants to talk. Listen to him tolerantly and give an opinion to him to do the right thing, not as a parent but as a friend.

You can also take help of experts and teachers. There are many troubled teen programmes like teen boot camp, wilderness programmes and off course boarding schools that provide you with the best possible way to handle your troubled adolescent. In these programmes adolescents are fully responsible for their decisions and activities. Boarding schools are the traditional methods of training teens for the hardships of life and of making them confident.

You can use any program for your troubled child but the main thing is the identification of problem. Finding the problem is like solving 25 % of it before even using any remedial method. No doubt these methods work but the best way to help your troubled adolescent is the full use of your wisdom. Spend quality time with him to give him a positive direction. You should understand the pressure on the mind of child when he is in this unpredictable age.

Don’t treat him like a troubled child. Behave normally with him. Take care of him before the situation worsens. Motivate him to do creative activities. Respect his opinion. If you only ask him about what he wants to eat for lunch or dinner, what he wants to buy to decorate his room, what colors he wants for his room etc., you will come very close to him. If you are successful in developing his creativeness and confidence, your teenager will refrain from doing anything antisocial.

Parents can become the best friends of adolescents. But keep one thing in mind, don’t pressurize your teenage children as per your aims and ambitions. Adolescence is synonymous with naïveté. If we pressurize our teenage children, we tend to make them cunning and dishonest.