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Everyone wants to see his child become a genius. We all know that today’s generation is very sharp-minded but the common complaint of parents is that their child does not take interest in studies or in reading of books. There is good news that by using some tested tips you can improve the reading habit of your child.

According to a research, reading failures are curable.  What you can do is to set the example for your child. You should spare some time to read books but keep in mind that your child should be around you when you are reading books or newspapers. You can share funny section of the newspaper, stories from the books, some news etc. with your child. You can also read stories to your child by using different tones and expressions.

Don’t behave authoritatively with your child. Be as friendly as possible. You can read out stories to him anytime, not specifically at night. By this you can teach your child the value of books. This is the positive point about books that you can take them with you anywhere. Arrange weekly trips to the children library section. Encourage your children to join the library book club.  Ask your child questions of easy nature when he has studied a book. Ask him about the characters, language or the theme of the storybook.

You can gift your child books of his favorite authors. You should check your own habit of watching too much T.V. or working extensively on computer, if you want to develop interest for reading in your child. There are many organizations that organize fun reading contests and give very interesting prizes like free pizzas, ice creams, chocolates etc. to children. Encourage your child to take part in these contests. Teach your child that good books are his best friends. Books never ditch you and no one can steal the knowledge that you get from books. There are innumerous benefits of good reading habits in a child during his life.

You can create a home library for your child. You can ask him to differentiate between the value of books and T.V. shows. Increase the variety of reading activities and books to develop the interest of your child. If you are on a traffic signal you can ask him to search some words, which he can read in the nearby area. This will also improve his presence of mind. You can also create a picture dictionary that is full of common objects, animals, birds and colors.

You can also take help of a professional for improving the reading skill of your child. You can play word games with your child. You should create puzzles and word cards to improve the concentration of your child. You can use magnet alphabets for teaching spellings.  Use idle time as learning time. By using play way method you can encourage your child to read in a positive manner. You should try to reward him unfailingly when he completes a good book.