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good habits in childrenAs parents we all wish to bring up our children with good habits and a disciplined way of life. Hence, it is of prime importance for every parent to start early when their child is juvenile and in an unquestionable frame of mind which is imperative for perfect learning. The younger the child the faster he picks up all that is taught for the fear of being shouted at or scolded which slowly starts fading as they grow.

Some of the most important good habits that should be instilled in your children while they are still in their early years are, early to bed and early to rise, brushing twice daily and clipping nails once in a week. They should be told the importance of bathing and oiling too so that the sense of hygiene comes to them naturally. As they begin to grow with time, ask them to keep their rooms and toilets spick & span, which will again teach them how cleanliness is next to godliness.

Washing hands before eating could be very useful to them if taught early. Tell them to wash the fruits that they eat before biting into them for they could have several germs which could be very dangerous for your children.

Keeping the surrounding spotless is yet another way to teach your children to lead a better life ahead. This way they would never stand the sight of dirt and grime, keeping all the illnesses at bay for ever.

Exercising in the morning or playing games every evening is of utmost importance. Keeping themselves fit and in good shape should be always at the back of their minds. Make them understand the meaning of “All work and no play makes jack a dull boy”, so that they are able to strike a perfect chord between the two aspects of life without a problem at all. Teaching them this would also keep them stay stress free in future, which is one of the biggest ailments of today.

Respect all elders and never forget your manners. Teach them to wish their elders each time they visit them so that they know how to greet and see off people from the very beginning. Teachers in their school should be proud of their discipline which to a great extent depends upon how the parents educate their little ones at home.

Therefore, the above mentioned are some of the important habits to inculcate in your children that will make them less prone to infection, give them healthier teeth, keep them healthy and save you a whole lot of trouble and money. More importantly, they will make your kids better people when they grow up.