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So, you want to know the interests of your child …? Here we are giving you some guidelines to find out the likes and dislikes of your child. It will be better if you know the interests of your children from them. Here we are coming with a set of questions. Ask your child to fill it up. You should give him/her the time and freedom to fill it as per his/her interest. These questions may help you to find out some interesting likes and dislikes of your child that you may notice it yet.

1. What is his/her pet name?
2. The most interesting entertainment activity?
3. The most interesting exercise or play?
4. Which is your favourite food?
5. Who are your favourite friends?
6. Who is your favourite relative? Why you like him/her most?
7. Who is your favourite teacher? Why you like him/her most?
8. Which is your favorite subject?
9. Do you like to read? What kind of books you like to read?
10. Do you like to write stories or poems or anything like that?
11. What kind of journeys do you like?
12. Which place you want to visit frequently?
13. What is the most admirable quality of your father?
14. What is the most hated quality in your father?
15. What is the most admirable quality of your mother?
16. What is the most hated quality in your mother?
17. In future, you want to become …?

Don’t think that this is the last word of your child in his/her likes and dislikes. You can repeat the questions after six months. Your child will mention the name of his/her favorite teacher. You can speak to that teacher to know the abilities and disabilities of your child. He may point out the ability or disability of your child that you may never come across with.

There are many ways, by using them you can find your kids interests, likes, dislikes etc. You can implement your own ideas for finding your child’s talents, because as a parent, it is you who  knows your child best. Keep observing your child minutely. Adopt any method, that does not matter, but the main focus should be on what is that particular act/thing for which the child is passionate about. He/she forgets everything else while doing such particular thing e.g. playing a football or cricket, singing, dancing, playing music instrument, solving arithmetical problems, writing/reading stories…anything.

God sends everybody to this world with at least one unique ability. The only need is to find that and to polish that unique quality. The natural interest is the best motivation, which prevents one from boredom and leads to the peak of success.