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A clean and beautiful home can refresh exhausted mind and body. What a relief we feel when we are in our sweet home! On the contrary a messy home can be pessimistic too. It is the common complaint of many mothers that their children don’t put their toys on the exact place and create mess. When you think of a house with a child, the image of that house is usually messy and unclean. But complaint is of no use here as only mothers can teach their children to make their home clean and pleasant. You should train your child slowly and gradually in this regard. Abrupt moves can disturb the healthy relationship between you and your sweet cupid.

You can motivate your child to put his toys on the right place. You can start an informal in-house training program for teaching your child how to keep things on the proper place. Keep one thing in mind that you are the role model and if you love cleanliness, your child will follow your footprints without any difficulty. So please change yourself first! You should be very calm and patient while teaching your child in this regard. You should understand that your child is in the toddler age and doesn’t know many things like social order, tranquility, hygiene, cleanliness etc.

It is very important to buy a toy trolley or baskets in which your child can assemble toys easily. You can allow your child to create mess in room when he is playing but in the end you should motivate him to keep all the toys in the toy trolley. You can appreciate your child by saying ‘very good’ or by clapping or by giving him a toffee, chocolate etc.

It is also important to clean the toys of your kids. Always prefer natural methods to clean the toys. Avoid detergents and chemicals because these can harm the health of the child in more than one way. Detergents and chemicals if not cleaned in a proper manner can lead to serious results. You can use vinegar to clean plastic toys. For stuffed toys you can use baking powder with vinegar and clean them in a washing machine. For woolen toys like decorative pillows, teddy bears etc. you can use wool detergent and dry these toys in the sun afterwards.

Sunrays are magical when it comes to cleaning white stuffed toys, diapers and other clothes. Just keep clothes and toys directly underneath sun and after some hours the odor will definitely disappear. The maintenance of toys also depends upon the usage, quality and material of the toy.

Wooden natural toys are a good choice. Wooden toys are durable, soft and cheap. Electronic toys are also easy to maintain. So, though much depends on the type of toys, the primary responsibility resides with the parents (especially the mother) so that good habits of arrangement and preservation develop in your child right from the start.