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How to Make Kids Drink MilkIt is a very common phenomenon to have a child saying no to a glass of milk. Many children develop a hatred for this health drink during their course of growing up. Problem arises for their mothers when they try to coax and cajole their tiny tots to sip away the hated glass, but all in vain. As they just don’t budge sometimes even frustrating the parents to the hilt.

Some parents even try visiting their doctor for help for all they want is their child should drink milk like the rest. It isn’t an easy task to take the horse to the water and make him drink like they say in the books. So the first thing that you as parents should bear in mind is to be calm and patient. Once you are cool enough all solutions would automatically come to you.

Chocolate:  Change the taste of milk to make it tastier so that your child develops a liking for it and enjoys having it every day. You could experiment adding some chocolate to your child’s milk in a bid to make him like it. All children prefer chocolate to anything in the world so if he does too, he will definitely love drinking more and more milk every day.

Strawberry works when chocolate fails. This goes for the children who detest the taste of chocolate. So try giving them a blend of strawberry and milk. Strawberry syrup adds a good taste and color to the milk making it tempting enough for anyone in the world who hates milk.

Fruit Drink: This one never fails. Make a fruit drink with the milk. You can add bananas, strawberries, pears or another fruit to the milk to make a fruit drink that your child will enjoy. Using a blender will aid you in this.

Change taste: You could even try giving him goat or cow milk. Sometimes a change of taste helps and aids children to choose between the various types of milk to relish. If they like the goat milk, go ahead and get him to have it for that is also very healthy.

If nothing works then just give your kids milk to drink. Don’t allow a choice. If you don’t give them an alternative they will have to drink the milk.

Use ‘Curd’

Some children who don’t like milk or with sensitive stomach having problem to digest milk, ‘curd’ is the best option to prevent calcium deficiency. The last resort is to give your child a substitute that doctors say is better than milk. Many kids, who hate milk, somehow love curd. So try giving him curd and all your problems will eventually end. A bowl of curd has the same amount of calcium or sometimes even more than a bowl of milk. So happy helping your children drink a glass of milk and don’t sulk if they aren’t for there is always a bowl of curd to your rescue.