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Nature has given us a lot of resources which we should harness and use it efficiently and give back enough for regeneration of resources. This could be done by recycling, reducing dumping of waste, caring for the environment and the animals and also compassion towards fellow human beings. This would help to make world a better place to live for us and the future generations.  The parents should educate and work along with their children so that they also realize the importance and continue the good work when they grow up.


Parents must practice recycling of waste and also teach their children about it.


The parents should walk to nearby places and also teach the children that driving is not the only way to commute. They could make the walk interesting for the child by talking to them about the things they could notice while walking which they would miss otherwise. Also, emphasis on the conservation of natural resources by reducing the use of gas.

Community cleans up

Participating in community clean up programs of streets would help the child to understand the need for clean environment and also meet like minded people.

Need based buying

While shopping the parents and child should discuss whether they really need what they want to buy. Also they should look at the impact it would have on the environment and family budget.

While shopping, one should try to find out how well the staffs of the companies which produce the products are treated and how are they produced. This would help in raising social consciousness about human rights issues.

Reduce the unnecessary slaughter of animals by choosing free range meat in local farmers market over factory produced meat and animals and organically produced fruits and vegetables.

Enjoy a family vacation at places like Central America and help to build up a house or clean up the environment. This would give the child joy of holidays as well give a satisfaction of helping others and learn about other cultures too.

Volunteering to help the needy

The parents along with their kids could help the people in the refugee camps. This will help the child to learn about other cultures, realize that they are bestowed with lot of stuffs while many don’t have the basic necessities and also integrate the refugee with the mainstream people.  Other forms of help would be providing food to homeless people or give monetary help.

Mingle with the neighbours

Small helps while the neighbor is unwell, helping the newly moved in neighbors with dinner is a good way to socialize and build up community. The parents and children should participate in neighborhood watch programs, meeting and events in the neighborhood to make their place a safe place to live in.

Send thank you notes

Parents should teach the children to send thank you notes for the help or the gift they have received.