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If the sibling at your place is around the ninth month then it is not a wonder if he is picking up your glass of coke to have a sip. If you’ve noticed that kid has been indulging in wetting his tee with juices and water then it is just the right moment to gift him a ‘Sippy Cup’. Now observe, remember no one is born perfect, dribbling, drooling and spitting games are parts of learning to use Sippy. Let him take his own time and before long you’ll discover that the child will be delighted when give him the sippy cup. By the time he reaches the 14th month he would be spectacular at finishing his liquid servings.

Switch from Bottle to Sippy Cup: An easier way out to cut the baby bottle stories would be to introduce a friendly Sippy Cup in even earlier months. As the months pass by it becomes trickier for the parents to help the little angel get rid of the bottle. If your kid treats the bottle as his safety tool then find a Sippy in the shape of his favorite animal, fruit, etc. This might weaken his hesitation towards the new thing in life.

Adding on to the list of concerns of the parents whose tots are fond of bottle is ‘Bottle Rot’. If the baby is used to of taking his liquid potions such as milk, medicine, juices, etc from the bottle then be prepared for the natural bacteria which will feast on the sugary particles sticking on his teeth for the following 20 minutes. Now to land into to a valley of sorrows read the startling fact, if the child sips and plays and repeats the same for an hour his teeth will be exposed to those disasters for at least 80 minutes. This is one of the major causes before early tooth decay or bottle rot. Imagine what will happen if he sleeps down with the bottle in mouth. To lessen the impact of these natural bacteria, encourage the habit of Sippy Cups, children do not nibble on them as much as they do on bottles.

Never let the child stretch the drinking time beyond 20 minutes and never let him take the bottle or the Sippy to bed. Buy him a cute toothbrush and irresistible toothpaste which he is happy to use after every sugary meal. If the kid is too young for it then clean his mouth with a washcloth. Don’t forget to appreciate the fact that your kid is a grown up now as he takes his liquid potions from the Sippy and not the kiddish bottle.