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It is a common compliant of majority of parents that their children create mess in their room when they play and don’t think about cleaning the room and keeping things at the right place. Actually, such is the scheme of things of every household that carelessness has become synonymous with children.

It is your duty as parents to teach and motivate your child to make his room clean. For this you can provide extra assistance to your child. Provide him a good furnished room, where he can keep things in proper order. Room should be spacious to move about easily too. Ideally, the room of your champ should be equipped with a shoe rack, toy rack, a closet organizer, hangers to organize clothes, a book case to keep books, notebooks, drawing material and other things related to school, storage shelves, a dustbin and a laundry basket.

Providing these things will be beneficial for your child and you too. By choosing the right type of closet, you can give a perfect look to your child’s room. Closets are available in the market in different shapes. No doubt it is very difficult for parents of middle class to provide all these things to their child. Most of the homes do not even have much space to give a separate room to their child. So, parents who don’t have money problem can purchase only the whole closet set for their children.

It is a very difficult task to teach your child about cleanliness. By providing all these things you cannot be assured regarding their usage by your child. You should perform the function of a role model in order to achieve this. If you clean your room and cupboards at regular intervals, if you keep things from where you pick them, it will be easy for you to teach your child the same.

You should encourage your child to keep his things in the right place. We all are aware of the habit of children of throwing their school bags on the chair, uniform on the bed and shoes at the entrance of room. Socks can be found near the bed when they return from school. By providing adequate space for all these things you can encourage your child to keep all the things at the right position.

These things are so attractive that children use them with fun. It is also a hard reality that this fun is of a short period, but you can create newness in all these things by using colors and stickers. By pasting colorful stickers of animals, birds, flowers, cartoon characters and butterflies, you can make the closet of your child attractive. The children up to 8-10 years love to use things decorated by all theses materials. You can also draw something with pastel colors on the closets and containers of your children.