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How to play with a newborn while a newborn baby itself is a toy for the family members. Parents and others talk and play with the baby and it’s the first classroom for an infant. Thus the baby starts learning from his/her crib. So playing with a baby is not less important. It’s not just a fun. Mental development of a baby depends on how you communicate with the baby while playing with him/her. The first month of the baby passes almost sleeping. Awakes when hungry, wet or soil. After first month they start responding, try to hold your finger, smile in response of your smile or sound. This is the time when you can start playing, though there are limited ways to play with newborn.

Babies of 2-3 months follow you with their eyes. When mother takes the baby in her lap, the baby understand that he/she is going to be fed and in excitement start moving his/her hands and legs. In response to coo of either parents or anybody else, again they start moving hands and legs with joy. Up till now they start identifying mother, her touch, her sound and her appearance, and give her response with joy.
Three months old baby can play with few toys, which are not harmful to them. You can suspend a colorful moving toy with the handle of the crib, or put a soft toy beside the baby. In effort to hold it the baby learns to turn.

Talk to the baby. Though they can’t understand your language, but can feel the emotion. If you talk with love, they will smile or even laugh. But if you shout with anger they get frightened and start crying. Make funny faces or funny sound, the baby will laugh. Sweet sound makes them happy and responsive. Everybody knows a sweet lullaby makes a baby sleep. You can play any music system of soft music or song in low volume. Some toys also make sweet sound. It can also help.

When baby starts crawling, give him/her few toys, like, soft toys, small rubber ball, light weight plastic toys, which make sound. But be careful, toy should not be too small to be swallowed, colored with harmful color or having sharp edge, which can make harm to the baby. Because infants of this age licks and taste every thing. Cover your face with a handkerchief and ask the baby to find you. The baby will try to remove it to see your face. When the handkerchief is removed the baby will be overjoyed to see you.

Keep a toy away from the baby and ask him/her to come and take it. The baby will come crawling to take it.

If the baby is not responding to your expectations, don’t worry. The time taken to grow and develop their activities, varies in different babies. After playing for sometimes, if the baby is agitated, it means he/she is tired and want to sleep.

These simple plays, when the baby is in the crib are not useless. These are first step of their learning. So enjoy playing with baby.