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Every child is a unique child and has different habits. So, there is not a clear-cut formula as to when your darling baby is ready for toilet training. Some kids become conversant with this chore at the age of one year only whereas many others take two to three years to get trained. A child may give a variety of signals, which tell that now she should be trained in this art. Parents should inculcate this habit in their child in a step-by-step manner.

Buy a potty chair

Always place the potty chair in the bathroom. Avoid placing it in her bedroom or playroom. The child should know what is the right place to empty the bowels. Get that chair which your kid finds attractive and make it a point to always keep the potty-chair clean and odor free. Your baby should not develop any kind of aversion to it. You may also accompany your baby in the bathroom and mimic her actions so that he/she finds the act like-able.

Have patience

You must not get irritated or discouraged if you baby develops some kind of disinterest in the potty chair after her initial interest. This is a very common trend found in babies. If you have a younger baby with you, your kid will like to imitate the actions of the infant so that he gets more attention from you. Therefore, he would try to miss the potty chair deliberately. Sometimes, the baby may not be in a proper mood to use the potty chair or may misjudge her need. You should not scold your child at this juncture. It may also happen that your baby uses the potty chair too frequently. Then also you should be patient and considerate.

Develop a routine

Make it a habit that you have to take our baby to the potty chair after meals, before going to bed, after waking up and before going outside. Your baby will recognize the time as to when to use the potty chair. Try to develop a schedule that is comfortable for both of you. Also, be flexible in your approach. You should be ready to amend the rules in case of an emergency rush in the bowels or in case our baby has an upset stomach. Your baby may like this habit too greatly and may visit the bathroom too often. You should not make it a point of scolding to your baby. Rather, try to accomplish things in a very gradual way. Potty training may take a lot of time running from several weeks to several months.

Always have extra clothing with you

Even when your child develops considerable expertise in this art, don’t be rest assured. Whenever you go outside always take spare clothes and a couple of diapers with you. Your baby is not a machine and may need to break the rules out of some emergency or a pure whim. You have to be closely bonded to our child in order to be effective in any kind of training.