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A haircut is one of the periodic routines that are necessary in the life of all, especially men. This process starts right from childhood. When the child grows the hair also grows and needs to be trimmed after a gap of a month or so. Taking the child for a haircut is a traumatic experience for the parents. The children do not like to sit on the chair of the hair cutting salon with a stranger cutting the hair. It is necessary that the child should be prepared before he or she is taken to the salon. This will reduce the anxiety in the child and he will feel less affected when in the hands of the hair cutter.

However, following a few simple tips can help the parents out.

Often the child gets traumatised seeing a stranger standing near him holding a scissor or other cutting tool. To avoid this, you may demonstrate the hair cutting process by cutting a few of your hair in the presence of the child.

Take the child to the salon at the time when the child is in a happy mood. Small children are happy when they have had breakfast, after long hours of sleep. School going kids are normally happy after school. If you have a school going kid you may pick him up from school and take him for a haircut. On the way to school or on the way back, buy him something of his liking to eat.

While taking the child for hair cut ensure that you have taken an appointment. The child will get irritated if he has to wait in a crowd for his turn. If it is not possible to get almost fixed time appointment, go at a time when the rush is expected to be least. Do remember to take a favourite toy of the child with you. In case of waiting this will help spend time. When you are in the salon, if some other child is getting his hair cut, and if possible, get a seat next to him or her for your child. This will reduce the anxiety in the child of getting hair cut.

Before going to the salon spend some time with the child explaining the need of hair cut. Tell the child that all grown up people including you, child’s papa and other siblings go for hair cut. As he has also grown up he needs to go. By hair cut a person looks nice. With long hair he will look ugly and his friends will make fun of him.

Ensure before going that you are ready in mind with the type of hair style you want for kid so that least time is spent. After one or two initial visits to the salon, the child will start remembering that this is a part of the routine and the hassles will reduce during every subsequent visit.