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The supreme desire of all the parents is to see their child at the top of the world. Everyone wants his child to be the smartest and best. We compare his walking capacity, running capacity, speech, and his intellect with his age mates around him. It is true that child’s brain and heart is a blank surface. You can write whatever you want to write on it. It is up to the efforts of the parents to design the future of their child.

A child is an asset of parents. The best age to teach good habits to a child is the toddler age. This is a scientific fact that the things, which are been learnt by children in the first seven years, remain in their mind forever. It is the duty of parents to teach their children to live independently. But you should also teach them to socialize for getting success in life.

All love active and brainy children. There are many toy games in market that are helpful in developing brain power of the child. Puzzle games, clay machine, storybooks of heroism etc. are helpful in developing physical and mental strength of the child. Educational DVDs are also available in the market to teach children alphabets, rhymes, numbers, colors, shapes, animal names, vegetable names etc. in an interesting manner.

If a child has skills like singing, dancing or magic, he can easily remain in limelight. By developing the interest of the child in these skills you can make him smart. Sports can be the best preference of parents for developing their children physically and mentally. In your child  inculcate the habit of sitting in the front row and asking questions to  the teachers. Encourage your child to take part actively in discussions, quiz competitions and all extra curricular activities in school.

Outer appearance also plays an important role in the building of smartness in children. Always choose attractive and branded clothes for your child. Branded clothes are by and large very costly so if your budget does not allow this, you can by attractive and durable clothes from your local shops too. It gives satisfaction to you and confidence to your child.

The same rule applies to toys. Toys are the treasure for children. The number of toys in the cupboard can decide the friend circle of your child. Being the parent of a three-year-old boy, I realize the importance of toys in the life of children. My baby is the hero of the colony because he is the owner of a treasure that has a good variety of useful and attractive toys.

So if you want to make your children smart and successful, always keep in mind that it is the duty of parents to nurture ‘these gifts of God’ with intelligence and love. Make sacrifices as regards your own needs to give your child a better future.