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Parents are the first teachers of the children, after them come the teachers in school. When child is about six months of age the learning process starts. The mother teaches him to sit, stand, walk and talk and some sort of education even the child is in teens or beyond. Even when grown up, children look towards the parents for guidance. It is the parents who should pay maximum attention towards the child to make him achieve a position in life and society.

After parents come the turn of teachers in school and college. Children who do not feel satisfied at home due to environment or lack of attention, often feel disgruntled at school. They often are not willing to go to school, resulting in their falling behind in studies.

With the passage of time, the way the child is trained has changed. In earlier days children had greater level of regard for parents. Also there was an element of fear in the mind of children that if the wrong acts were discovered by parents, they would land up in a soup. We got training from our parents in a manner which cannot now be used for our children. To enable the child to be an achiever in life we need to train him in the manner desired by the vast changes that have taken in the society at large.

If the child is back home late at night, the best option will be to ask the child as to where he was, and explaining the difficulties he may face in future if he starts associating with children not interested in studies. The ill effects of drugs should be explained to keep him away from such activities.

In rearing the child to grow up as a good citizen and progress in life, the way the parents behave at home matters. If the parents are fighting or using abusive language for the other, the child, may be of any age, is bound to learn the same thing and follow it when he finds an occasion, may be with friends.

When the child will grow up, even in case of minor difference with the parents he will tend to be disobedient and may even yell at them if the situation aggravates. Praising the child for his good deeds or his achievement in class, or good behaviour at home, or when visiting someone should be praised. By praising the child you are encouraging him for a better tomorrow. Even when punishment is needed, try time out method. In any case, parents should be very selective in meeting out punishment.