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infant teething symptomsTeething is the commonest difficulty of every infant’s growth. It troubles them profusely giving them sleepless nights or cranky days. All parents get worried and some even find it difficult to treat their little one in times of excruciating pain experienced by him. But the fact is that teething is definitely inevitable. It happens when the first primary teeth to erupt in the mouth are generally the lower front teeth. These erupt at about the age of six months causing immense pain and irritation to the infant. This is exactly when he feels like chewing on his hands, towels etc in a bid to feel better.

Common signs and symptoms of teething. A child may begin salivating more than the usual in such cases. You might even witness him drooling generously while still in his sleep. Sometimes teething causes irksome rashes all over the little baby’s face. This could be really unbearable for few. But the most common of them all is a swelling over the gum area which generally happens to a lot of kids troubling them at night and making them cranky all day.

The best treatment for teething is to be patient with your little one however difficult it may get. You could also have him bite into hard objects, such as teething rings, that can provide some comfort to the child during the teething process. A frozen banana may also soothe the gums during teething. Numbing Teething Gels are again some of the many wise means to tackle the issue. But one must always remember to use these gels judiciously as some of them are high in sugar content. The last resort could obviously be Baby Ibuprofen. This painkiller can be given to your infant during a particularly difficult episode and with the advice of pediatrician.

Some of the home remedies also help in soothing the pain during teething of babies. Always apply honey on the gum area of the little one in such times. It not only lessons the pain but is also good for digestion. It is always prudent to remain cool and calm when your child goes through this stage. That’s how you could treat him well unlike in many cases.