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Children are the best gift of nature to mankind. The parents, especially mothers, have a great sense of love for the children. In spite of being tired or in a passive mood they will not let the child suffer for anything within their reach. It is due to this reason that sometimes mothers find it difficult to scold the child or say no to his demands. It is difficult for them to see the child weep and cry or act up rolling on the ground or doing such other acts.

Despite all this, there is desire in every mother to see that her child is well behaved and understanding. Even considering from the side of the child, a well mannered child is loved by society and as such develops a feeling of security, where as a child who is not disciplined will always have a sense of insecurity. He will not be social and will not properly develop sense of learning, resulting in being weak in studies.

Keeping this in mind it is essential for the mother to learn to say no to her child when the child is making unreasonable demands. By not saying ‘no’ to the child you are not doing him a benefit but just spoiling his future. Remember to be firm on what you have said. Often mothers say no for a thing and after some times change mind and let the child do whatever he wants. This is creating a bad habit. Even if you subsequently realise that you have wrongly told the child not to do a thing, better stick to your decision. If once the child gets an idea that he or she can get away by weeping or misbehaving, you will lose command which is not good for the child.

It sometimes happens that when the mother is firm with the child, some other member of the family may behave casually with the child. This is a bad signal. In such an event, remind the child that he has to listen to her otherwise he is going to have it. There are times when mom is tired or in no mood to discipline the child. Even in these circumstances it is better for the mother to be strict and should not let the child have his way. The child should know that when you say something even politely, you mean it, and a look of the eye should be sufficient.