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Congratulations for having a baby! Now you face the difficult question of choosing a proper name for your baby. It all depends on parents choice and interest. You have to keep in mind at least 10 points before choosing a proper name for your baby.

Gender: If you know your baby’s gender your choice of a baby name is automatically narrowed down. You should not choose a name that is not gender specific i.e. you should not choose a boy’s name for a girl and a girl’s name for a boy.

Ancestry: If you want that your family’s pride and heritage should reflect in your child’s name, do include the name of an ancestor in your child’s name. It can serve as a good middle name.

Take help: Take the help of Internet and good baby name books for a good name. This will help you to narrow down your list to a considerable extent. You should not use those names that have any kind of negative connotation to their meaning. Even if the names look very attractive, refrain from such names because your child has to grow up one day. At that time such kind of a name may become an embarrassment for him.

Have a meaningful name: You should try to keep a baby name that is related to your culture and history. Avoid those names that have a lot of flattery involved in them. Similarly, avoid those names that are similar in sound to some awkward words.

Associate: Try to associate your baby name with the names of prominent personalities like leaders, sportspersons, statesmen etc. You can also form associations with religious leaders, saints or other religious people who are close to your family.

Take hint from your experience: There are many experiences in life that are very pleasant or thrilling. Take hint from such experiences or places and keep your baby’s name according to them. It would be a memorable name.

Keep continuity in mind: See whether the name of your baby is in accordance with the names of other children in the family. It should not look odd or awkward as it may affect your child’s psyche at a later stage.

Pronunciation: Speak your baby’s name aloud a number of times. See if it is difficult to pronounce or not. See to it that it is not confused with another name or word. For example, Kirsten is almost always confused with Kristen.

Consensus: Yes, both the husband and wife should arrive at a consensus before choosing a name for their baby. The name should be liked by both of them. Remember it’s almost a one-in-a-lifetime thing as names once kept are seldom changed.

Strangeness: When you decide your baby’s name, be sure that it is not very uncommon. Such names often make your child a laughing stock among other children. You can also keep a name that points to your baby’s special traits and yet is not strange.