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Systemic and organised approach always yields positive results.  This principle applies to putting the children to sleep too. Getting the kids to bed at a set time everyday will help them to get enough rest and make them happy and healthy. For this a bed time routine should be established. A good bed time routine would help the child to calm down and relax and prepare them mentally and physically for bed.

To set up a bedtime routine for the child, the parents should first choose a bedtime which is convenient for the child and the parents. Next, the parents should indulge in calming down the child and bring them to sleep mode. These tips are very useful to avoid child crying or screaming while sleeping.

Some of the following techniques can be tried to calm the child before going to sleep:

  • Brushing teeth
  • Bathing before going to bed
  • A drink of water
  • Good night prayer
  • Hugs and kisses to family members
  • Reading a favorite book
  • Story telling to the child in the bed
  • Playing bedtime songs or music

Since each child is different. Each child may require a different technique for calming down. Whatever be the technique, no activity that would distress or excite the child should be carried out before the bedtime. The routine should be brief and consist of about five or six steps only. It should comprise of activities that are comforting and enjoyable to the child and the activities familiar to the child.

Once the routine is established, it should be followed consistently everyday without exception. At times, the situation at home may not permit to follow the usual bedtime routine. On those days, the bedtime routine could be shortened and parents could ensure that the child gets to bed at the right time. For consistency, visual patterns could be set up to remind both the parents and the child of the activities in the routine and time as well.