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The day a baby is born, he is subjected to a variety of sounds. He starts hearing these sounds and starts reacting to them in his own unique way. Much depends on parents as they can help a child immensely in developing communication skills. At first, the child only cries and emits no other sound. But gradually, he starts showing his pleasure or gratification through different kinds of sounds. It is his way of telling his parents that he is enjoying his life as a baby.

Newborns also talk to you

Even the crying of the baby has multiple meanings. He may want to convey to you that he is sleepy, hungry, irritated, wet and so on. Parents also learn to recognize the hidden meanings and act in view of them. Babies also respond accordingly and come to know that at once that they are being looked after and cared for earnestly. Their cry changes into a smile or a hug.

Parents should develop talking with infant

It is utmost necessary that parents continue to talk with the baby even if he cannot understand them or in rare case, does not respond to them. When you are feeding your baby or giving him a bath you should keep on talking with him. Similarly, even when you are not directly involved with your baby and are indulged in cooking or cleaning, you should not stop talking to him. Even if you have finished with your words, start describing the process that is at hand.  Babies need to hear the language in order to develop their communication skills effectively. There is simply no alternative to this.

Make it a two way process

When your baby is able to utter some kinds of sounds, you should respond to anything that he says with full sentences. You have to show that you have understood what the baby is trying to convey because after all he is communicating a lot of things.

This prattle in itself is the foundation for the development of his speech abilities. If your baby is a little older, you can even read aloud to him from a book or anything that you can lay your hand upon. The only consideration is that whatever you read for your child should be clear and simple. You will wonder, when your baby will gradually bring about the miracle of speech.

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