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In this age where TV is playing an important role in the life of children and they are mixing up with a large number of people in society, they have the tendency to learn some things which are not right. It is rightly said that the child has tendency to learn wrong things easily, and once he learns these things, it is difficult to persuade him that what he has done is not correct.

Due to intermixing with different people the child is bound to learn curse words from senior students or others, the most common being a four letter word. It is the duty of the parents to ensure that even if he or she has learnt something bad he should be dissuaded from repeating it. Here counselling by parents play an important role. Parents should keep in mind that if they don’t want the children to learn something, they should themselves refrain from doing such a thing in front of the children, as the children learn the most easily from parents.

Often when children hear curse words from seniors and think that as they have grown up, they can use such words. By using those very words they will also seem to be grown up. Parents should tell them that they have never used curse words although they are much older than them. A child should be informed that this is bad habit and should be avoided and encouraged to emulate those who speak politely and are held in high esteem.

Kids should be taught that these words are insulting and hurt the feelings of others. These are just like kicking or beating someone. Explain to the child that kicking results in physical injury and abusive language hurts the mind and that good children never hurt others.

Punishing the child always is not a good practice adopted by parents. When the child uses such words, immediately he or she should not be punished. Let the child sit beside you and explain to him the wrong he has done calmly and firmly. Also tell him that if he does not desist he will get punishment.

In case of repetition some punishment is essential. Start by not talking to the child or tell him to go to another room. Only if this is not successful, harsher punishment should be tried. It is not correct to expect that the child will stop easily this requires lot of patience and persuasion.